Bio products

In the last decade, a significant part of the EU market has been marked by the advent of biologically based products and preparations, to the detriment of until recently almost exclusively chemical products. The success of the broad spectrum of offered biological products is not only due to their obvious environmental friendliness – they also significantly impact the economy.

G-servis Praha applies the biotechnologies in a broader spectrum, from the implementation of projects for large industrial enterprises to deliveries to the sales network.

Advantages of using bio products:
• longer action time as compared with chemical products • better price-result ratio• environmentally friendly, containing natural bacterial strains• higher working safety during application than for chemical products

Use of bio products is an effective alternative to the solutions used to date. They contribute in this way to the broadening of the spectrum and development of the application of new biotechnologies, which are effective and suitably applicable in fields where chemical-based products were formerly used exclusively. Microbial products have a broad scope of application.

The bio products are available in dry or liquid form, only as micro-organisms, or with additives that foster the better development of the micro-organisms, protecting against negative environmental impacts and their expanding spectrum of application.

Články o biopreparátech