Treatment of wastes

BACTIFOSSE biological treatment for organic waste. RESTOBAC biological treatment for decomposition of fats. BACTSTATION biological treatment for sewage works (WWTP)



biological treatment for organic waste and wastewater in a cesspool, tank, cesspit, digester and sewer.

Reduces the volume of biological waste, cleans waste pipes, reduces the volume of excrement and waste, accelerates the decomposition of solid components and paper, reduces unpleasant organic odours.

Packaging​: 0,10 kg


Bio cleaning agent

Intended for wastes and wastewater with a content of fats, greasy substances and starches in kitchen, restaurant and hotel facilities. Helps kill odours and prevents sedimentation and clogging of distribution pipes. The product is intended for waste systems with less frequent changing of waste. Resistant to undesirable environmental impacts, disinfectants and chemicals, binds long-term to the application point.

Packaging: 0,08 kg


Bio cleaning agent

Intended for waste-drainage systems with a portion of fats, greases and starches in kitchen and cleaning plants. It decomposes fats and greasy substances, eliminates odours and prevents clogging of the pipes. The product is intended primarily for waste systems with a frequent change of waste.

Packaging: 1 l


Biological product for treatment facilities

Activates controlled biological processes in waste systems with aeration and in aerated wastewater treatment plants. Eliminates foam, treats and reduces the content of organic waste, removes organic odour.

Packaging: 1 kg

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