Mobile water treatment plants

The G-servis Praha staff also have invaluable experience with the preparation of mobile water treatment plants. They are capable of modifying all the technology used for water treatment in such a manner as to locate it, for instance, in a container or on a motor vehicle chassis. Mobile treatment plants are used primarily in case of an interruption of the mass drinking water supply to the population, especially in periods of floods, earthquakes or wartime conflicts. Mobile water treatment plant equipment reflects the desires of the customer as well as the operating conditions. Apart from the necessary water treatment technology, it may also include a generator (for energy self-sufficiency), accumulation of the treated water or other accompanying equipment.

The capacity of the mobile treatment plants may be on the order of hundreds of m3/h. Modern membrane technologies offer compact and spatially undemanding water treatment solutions, which makes them ideal for application in mobile treatment plants. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve a high production of treated water in a relatively small area. Moreover, it is possible to design mobile container treatment plants as modular systems that can be combined and connected, and thus service a larger water consumption.

The mobile treatment plants offer a very broad range of technical solutions. According to the desires and possibilities of the customer, it is possible to adapt them for various types of transport. In addition, they can be air-conditioned, equipped with a backroom (storage or control space) or automated to various degrees. Each of them is made on a turnkey basis for a specific use. At the time of project design, however, it is already necessary to know the assumed usage location.