Soil treatment

ACTIGREEN biological lawn activator for gardens, parks, golf and grassy playgrounds and ACTICOMPOST biological compost activator.



Biological activator for lawns

For gardens, parks, golf and grassy playgrounds. The bioactivator enriches the soil with effective soil micro-flora, thus developing the necessary biological processes. Helps retain moisture in the soil and suitably influences the soil water regime, lightens and aerates the soil.

It makes the root system accessible to naturally and artificially supplied nutrients, which it helps maximally utilise. It suitably regulates soil pH, reduces growth mosses, and has natural fungicidal effects against harmful fungi and moulds. It strengthens lawns, and prevents soil erosion and nutrient leaching..

Packaging: 1 kg, 25 kg


Biological compost activator

Accelerates the correct maturing of compost and significantly improves the quality of the substrate. Helps decompose all plant remains in the compost. Maintains the active soil micro-flora and higher enzyme production in the substrate over the long term, which supports the retention of water and nutrients. It suppresses the development of undesirable soil moulds and fungi, and reduces hazardous substances in the substrate. Accelerates the decomposition of hay and straw.

Packaging: 0,10 kg, 25 kg

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