Water treatment

Every type of water is unique, in its own way, and for this reason it requires an individual approach. The experts at G-servis Praha approach each type of water in this manner and are capable of offering you comprehensive water treatment services. According to the specific requirements, they will design the optimal solution for utilisation of your water resources, taking your possibilities into consideration.

G-servis Praha thus offers complete turnkey technology, as well as individual stages, which can be used to supplement or modify your existing water treatment facility to achieve the most efficient utilisation of resources, accompanied by the usual substantial reduction in the costs of treated water. Please contact us if you have specific requirements or queries.

For water treatment, we use time-proven technological procedures and also continuously seek and test new modern water treatment systems. The basis of each water treatment plant is filtration of the water, regardless of whether this concerns only removal of undissolved substances or filtration through filtration materials used to remove all sorts of undesirable substances from the water, such as deferrization or ion exchange (softening). The removal of more complex pollutants such as arsenic or uranium on special sorptive materials is no exception.

Due to the continuous development and perfection of construction materials, membrane processes based on the separation of substances by using partitions with varying permeability have recently come to the forefront. We mainly use ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis.


In the treatment of drinking water, the final step is usually sanitation of the treated water, which consists in preventing microbial recovery and thus preventing the contamination of the entire system. The most common method is the dosing of a sodium hypochlorite or other oxidation reagent solution. Other methods include disinfection by UV radiation or ozonisation. In treatment plants for process or industrial water, the treated water is enriched prior to exit through the dosing of various auxiliary substances, particularly corrosion inhibitors or other additives. It is possible to change or modify the required properties of the treated water through the dosing of auxiliary chemicals according to specific requirements. In summary, such water treatment through the dosing of different chemicals can be designated as chemical water treatment.


A separate part of our program comprises mobile water treatment plants, which can be used to provide a source of drinking water regardless of location, and are mainly used in case of accidents or emergencies. In the period that our company has been in operation, we have implemented a number of treatment plants for family homes, municipalities and industrial enterprises in the Czech Republic and abroad, the most important of which are stated in the references section.